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Looking for an Accounting position

I am looking for an Accounting position in Kihei, Kahului or Wailuku.  I have applied for many positions that were advertised on the various job sites and have signed on with two temp agencies.  Is there anything else I can do?  I really want to work.  I am dependable, have an Accounting and an Economics degree and many years of experience.  Any help would be appreciated.  Mahalo.

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Move the FEAR Line

Imagine being under water, upside down, trapped in your Kayak.You can feel your lungs burning because you didn’t have time to grab a full breath … though you are surprising yourself how long you are managing to force yourself from gasping down a lung full of water …

All you can hear is your heart pounding.


I don’t need to imagine what that would be like because I can remember in vivid detail. In fact I have had nightmares about it.

My overriding thought was…


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Protect Your Business with Online Reputation Management

If somebody did a search online about your business what would they find?

In the old days, if you had one dissatisfied customer who was not happy with your product or service, they may have told on average 7 to 12 friends about it.

However, times have changed. With the invention of the internet and social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, that one person can now tell hundreds or even thousands of people about their experience.

It is so easy for your…


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References Needed: Coffee Talk Events

Aloha MSB Members,

Our Coffee Talk events are getting a face lift starting in October.  We're going to hold free, one hour, informal, morning meetups at the following places on the island.  Each location will meet once a month on a regular schedule.  I'm looking to hold the meetups at a local (one location preferably) coffee shop in each city.  I need help identifying your favorite shops, though.  I've got a rough idea of the Wailuku and Kihei spots, but could use your input on the…


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Thank you!

Hello Fellow MSB Member,

I'll try to make this short.

I first off want to thank you for being a part of our growing community.  Together we've taken the first steps towards the creation of an ecosystem dedicated to promoting growth, opportunity, and responsibility among Maui business owners and professionals.  This is only the beginning, and I thank you for taking these first steps with us.

Second, you'll notice there has been a blackout on network-wide communications…


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Are you leveraging Maui Springboard to its fullest?

We started Maui Springboard to give you, the Maui business owner, a place to find, meet, and interact with other local business owners.  

It's more than that, though.  

We're really here to help you increase your on-island exposure.  Your blog posts, discussions, videos,…


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Schedule: June Brown Bag Discussions

Press Release: Maui Springboard June 2012

"Traditional Advertising - Why Maui Companies Still Need It" on Maui Springboard - Maui's place for professional networking.

In June, Todd A. Vines, the Director of Public Relations & Social Media at Gilbert & Associates, will deliver…


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Have a morning or afternoon free to volunteer?

We recently posted our volunteer opportunities at Hands On Maui's new volunteer website.  Please pass on the information if you, or someone you know, would like to volunteer with animals and children here on Maui.  Your gift of time will help spirits soar!  Aloha ...

Therapeutic Horseback Riding for Children with Special Needs |

Animal-Assisted Therapy Visits to Maui Facilities | …


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Facebook Page Tip - Free Facebook Cards - Hurry!

If you have  a business and you have a Facebook Business page, check your admin panel.  There's an offer  there from MOO - free 50 Facebook Cards (kinda like business cards) for you. Totally free, no strings attached. You pay for shipping which is $5 or so for regular shipping.

I redeemed mine last night.  It's easy. I can't wait to get it!

I had gotten a free biz card from them too before when I signed for About.Me - high quality cards, you'd love it! And it's free :) (ok, you…


Added by Liza Pierce on May 17, 2012 at 6:19am — 1 Comment

Facebook Page Follow Up and Support

Several weeks ago, Ron presented a great webinar on the basics of Facebook Page Timeline. He mentioned the value of having your/our own FB Timeline for your biz (I was not able to join, but our staff, Liza was there).

Does anyone here want a  follow-up workshop on Facebook Timeline? For example you started an FB page after the webinar, but now is not sure what to do and needs help. Our company, Hawaii's Premiere Mortgage would be interested to host a free follow up hands on workshop…


Added by Tricia Morris on May 9, 2012 at 10:31am — 3 Comments

Maui Blogger Network - You Are Invited To Join

In January of 2012, I started a Maui Bloggers Network Group in Facebook.  Such a neat group of bloggers with diverse interests. Our first Blog Hop in Jan was a success that we decided to continue every month.  

It is a closed group so you will need an invite to join.  Please let me know if you are interested and I'd send you an invite.

To know more about the Maui Blogger Network Group, read the guidelines here: …


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What the heck you just smashed my car!

So I had an interesting experience yesterday...on my way out of the mall parking lot I was rear ended, as we pulled over I was a bit upset, but then i realized the other driver obviously did not want to hit me and after making sure all were safe I started laughing about it and engaged the other driver and made light of it, I thought what good does it do making him feel miserable. In talking to him I found out they had just moved to Maui and were following their dream to live in paradise. As…


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3 Ways a Coach Can Help Your Small Business Massively Succeed

It can be easy in a small business to think you have to do it alone and keep costs to a minimum in order to profit.  There are already so many expenses in a challenging economy, why spend money on a coach?

When you see a coach as an investment that brings in a healthy return then you will see that you can't succeed unless you have a coach on your team.

Coming from a sporting background (I played International Beach Volleyball for Australia for 8 years, and in the 2000 Olympic…


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iam a newbie here,and i like all the discussions on web designs and like to be friends with eric


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Green Cleaning ~ a way of life

I started on this journey not by accident but unfortunately from health issues, I had a cleaning business and my staff and I went about our business of cleaning using all the commercial cleaning products in my home and finally I became toxic, my skin broke out in rashes and anything on my face or arms/hands would bring forth a rash, I found it difficult to breath, and decided that I needed to look into a healthier lifestyle for myself and my clients...that is what started the journey to…


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Tennis Hitting Partner

Aloha fellow MSB friends, I'm looking for a tennis hitting partner.  Preferrably a 4.5 or better, looking for a good workout and some friendly competition.  Let me know if you have anyone particular in mind.


Brady Spangler

Added by Brady Spangler on April 25, 2012 at 10:20am — 2 Comments

Maui Springboard - A Network of Trust and Support

We've all had time to feel out Maui Springboard, to try its features and peruse the member list.  It seems quaint and new.  Some of us check in often, and interface regularly with other members while some haven't logged in since first creating their account.  I think that's perfectly normal - to be expected even. 

I also know that last thing most of us need is another social network to preoccupy our time.  Done right, Facebook and Twitter are full time jobs in-and-of-themselves. …


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Maui Springboard on Maui Time!

April 11, 2012 | 11:04 AM

The recent beta release of Maui Springboard means a new platform…


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The Virtues of Networking

Active networking is vital to the growth and sustainability of any business. There is so much to do when it comes to successfully building your business that it's critical to have smart, like-minded individuals to draw energy from. Surround yourself with people that share your ambitions and you can help each other push forward in this journey of building your business.

Comradery, energy, and shared ambition aren't the only benefits gained from proper networking. Let's have a look at a…


Added by Ron Lunan on April 6, 2012 at 9:00am — 2 Comments

Question: Training Videos

Would it help the community if I put together and posted some training videos on how to post updates, events, blog posts, etc?

Added by Ron Lunan on March 21, 2012 at 5:02am — 3 Comments

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